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John Skelton (1460-1529)

The Rating of John Skelton's Poems

  1. Jolly Rutterkin
  2. Mannerly Margery Milk and Ale
  3. To Mistress Anne
  4. Womanhood, Wanton, Ye Want
  5. To Mistress Margaret Hussey
  6. On Time
  7. Vexilla Regis
  8. Cardinal Wolsey in Hell
  9. My Darling Dear, My Daisy Flower
  10. Against the Scots
  11. Upon a Dead Man's Head
  12. Duke of Albany
  13. The Book of Phillip Sparrow
  14. To the Second Person
  15. The Prelates
  16. Woefully Arrayed
  17. A Lawde and Prayse

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