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Ben Jonson (1572-1637)
Бен Джонсон (Ben Jonson)

The Rating of Ben Jonson's Poems

  1. To Celia
  2. On My First Son
  3. Inviting a Friend to Supper
  4. To Doctor Empiric
  5. To Penshurst
  6. To William Camden
  7. Of Death
  8. To John Donne
  9. To Alchymists
  10. On My First Daughter
  11. Song To Celia (Come, my Celia, let us prove)
  12. To My Lord Ignorant
  13. The Shadow
  14. Why I Write Not Of Love
  15. Epitaph On S.P., A Child Of Queen Elizabeth's Chapel
  16. My Picture Left In Scotland
  17. The Hourglass
  18. An Ode to Himself
  19. An Elegy (Since you must go)
  20. An Elegy (Let me be what I am)
  21. Ode to Himself upon the Censure of his «New Inn»
  22. A Fit Of Rhyme Against Rhyme
  23. Hymn To The Belly
  24. Still To Be Neat
  25. Queen And Huntress
  26. Living By
  27. His Supposed Mistress
  28. On Poet-Ape
  29. Natural Progress
  30. To Francis Beaumont
  31. Begging Another
  32. Venus' Runaway
  33. Gypsy Songs
  34. To Censorious Courtling
  35. A Hymn To God The Father
  36. On A Robbery
  37. The Noble Balm
  38. So Breaks The Sun
  39. Porth Ceiriad Bay

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