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Charles Hamilton Sorley (1895-1915)
Charles Hamilton Sorley („арльз —орли)

The Rating of Charles Hamilton Sorley's Poems

  1. Rain
  2. All the Hills and Vales along
  3. A Sonnet
  4. Rooks (There where the rusty iron lies)
  5. Expectans Expectavi
  6. Peace
  7. A Letter from the Trenches to a School Friend
  8. Two Sonnets
  9. What You Will
  10. The Song of the Ungirt Runners
  11. To Germany
  12. Richard Jefferies
  13. German Rain
  14. Lost
  15. A Hundred Thousand Million Mites We Go
  16. A Call to Action
  17. The River
  18. Deus Loquitur
  19. Whom Therefore We Ignorantly Worship
  20. Barbury Camp
  21. Return
  22. Brand
  23. Marlborough
  24. Stones
  25. If I Have Suffered Pain
  26. Autumn Dawn
  27. To Poets
  28. J. B.
  29. A Tale of Two Careers
  30. Rooks (There is such cry in all these birds)
  31. The Seekers
  32. Peer Gynt
  33. In Memoriam S. C. W., V.C.
  34. East Kennet Church at Evening
  35. Le Revenant
  36. There Is Such Change in All Those Fields

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