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Ann Taylor (1782-1866)
Ann Taylor (Ённ “ейлор)

The Rating of Ann Taylor's Poems

  1. The Cow
  2. For A Naughty Little Girl
  3. About The Little Girl That Beat Her Sister
  4. Careless Mathilda
  5. The Vulgar Little Lady
  6. The Cut
  7. The Little Negro
  8. A True Story
  9. The Field Daisy
  10. Learning To Go Alone
  11. Mischief
  12. Jane and Eliza
  13. To A Little Girl That Has Told A Lie
  14. Deaf Martha
  15. The Washing and Dressing
  16. Negligent Mary
  17. Meddlesome Matty
  18. The Pin
  19. The Baby's Dance
  20. Little Girls Must Not Fret

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