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John Bunyan (1628-1688)
John Bunyan (Джон Баньян)

The Rating of John Bunyan's Poems

  1. Of Man by Nature
  2. The Pilgrim
  3. Upon Time and Eternity
  4. Upon the Vine Tree
  5. From Mount Ebal
  6. Of the Cuckoo
  7. Meditations upon a Candle
  8. Meditation upon the Day before the Sun Rising
  9. A Boy and Watchmaker
  10. The Fowls Flying in the Air
  11. Upon a Looking Glass
  12. The Operation of Faith
  13. Of the Rose Bush
  14. How Graces Are to Be Obtained
  15. Upon the Pismire
  16. Upon the Whipping of the Top
  17. Of the Love of Christ
  18. Of the Boy and the Butterfly
  19. From Mount Gerizzim
  20. Of the Going down of the Sun
  21. Author's Apology for His Book
  22. Meditations upon an Egg
  23. Of Godly Fear
  24. Upon the Swallow
  25. Upon a Snail
  26. To the Reader
  27. Upon the Thief
  28. Upon Fire
  29. Love Inducin Christian Conduct

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