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Robert Laurence Binyon (1869-1943)
–оберт Ћоренс Ѕиньон (Robert Laurence Binyon)

The Rating of Robert Laurence Binyon's Poems

  1. First Day of Winter
  2. A Song
  3. Commercial
  4. Evening Rain
  5. May Morning
  6. To the Summer Night
  7. November
  8. A New Idol
  9. For the Fallen
  10. The Sun Goes Down, on Other Lands to Shine
  11. A Daffodil
  12. Lament
  13. How Dark, How Quiet Sleeps the Vale Below
  14. I Am Here, And You
  15. Holiday
  16. The Clue
  17. O Sorrowful Thought! But One More Flying Year
  18. Carvalhos
  19. In the Shadow of a Broken House
  20. On the Hills
  21. Pale Are the Words I Build for My Delight
  22. Vision of Peace, Joy Without Stain
  23. The Birch Tree
  24. In Misty Blue
  25. John Winter
  26. Between the Mountains and the Plain
  27. A Prelude at Evening
  28. The Promise
  29. Naked
  30. Seeking and Finding
  31. Kitchener
  32. Hunger
  33. The Anvil
  34. In the High Leaves of a Walnut
  35. The Fourth of August
  36. Little Hands
  37. Ypres
  38. In Memory of George Calderon
  39. A Child in Nature, as a Child in Years
  40. Edith Cavell
  41. No More Now with Jealous Complaining
  42. The Zeppelin

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