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Thomas Campbell (1777-1844)
  (Thomas Campbell)

The Rating of Thomas Campbell's Poems

  1. Lord Ullin's Daughter
  2. Ye Mariners of England
  3. Glenara
  4. The Battle of the Baltic
  5. To the Evening Star
  6. To a Young Lady, Who Asked Him to Write Something Original for Her Album
  7. The River of Life
  8. Freedom and Love
  9. Love and Madness
  10. Adelgitha
  11. The Last Man
  12. Ode to the Memory of Burns
  13. Lochiels Warning
  14. Hohenlinden
  15. To the Rainbow
  16. Maternal Hope
  17. Ben Lomond
  18. A Farewell to Edinburgh
  19. Cora Linn, or the Falls of the Clyde
  20. The Child and the Hind
  21. Mull
  22. The Soldiers Dream
  23. Lines on the Camp Hill, near Hastings
  24. Lines on the View from St. Leonards
  25. The Beech Tree's Petition
  26. OConnors Child; Or, the Flower of Love Lies Bleeding
  27. Gilderoy
  28. Lines on Leaving the River Cart
  29. The Exile of Erin
  30. Field Flowers
  31. Poland
  32. The Harper
  33. Chaucer and Windsor
  34. Napoleon and the British Sailor

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