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John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester (1647-1680)
ƒжон ”илмот (John Wilmot)

The Rating of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester's Poems

  1. A Song (Absent from thee, I languish still)
  2. Love and Life
  3. Woman's Honour
  4. A Satyre Against Mankind
  5. Constancy
  6. Tunbridge Wells
  7. Upon Nothing
  8. A Song of a Young Lady to her Ancient Lover
  9. The Imperfect Enjoyment
  10. Signior Dildo
  11. Against Constancy
  12. Epistle
  13. To Corinna
  14. The Disabled Debauchee
  15. Grecian Kindness
  16. A Song (To this Moment a Rebel)
  17. On the Women about Town
  18. A Song (Phillis, be gentler, I advise)
  19. God Bless Our Good And Gracious King
  20. Upon his Leaving his Mistress
  21. The Advice

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