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Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1803-1849)
  (Thomas Lovell Beddoes)

The Rating of Thomas Lovell Beddoes's Poems

  1. A Clock Striking Midnight
  2. To Night
  3. A Crocodile
  4. Thoughts
  5. Another
  6. The Last Man
  7. Song from the Ship
  8. Wolfram's Dirge
  9. The Phantom-Wooer
  10. Old Adam, The Carrion Crow
  11. Ballad of Human Life
  12. A Rivulet
  13. Dream-Pedlary
  14. Dirge
  15. Let Dew the Flowers Fill
  16. Song from the Waters
  17. The Old Ghost
  18. Song from Torrismond
  19. Yes, Mary Ann
  20. Song on the Water
  21. Lines Written in a Blank Leaf of the Prometheus Unbound
  22. The Rosy Hour
  23. Song of the Stygian Naiades
  24. Song from the Second Brother
  25. Resurrection Song
  26. To Tartar, A Terrier Beauty

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