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Poem by Dinah Maria Craik

A Valentine

YE are twa laddies unco gleg,
An blithe an bonnie:
As licht o heel as Ansters Meg;
Gin yed a lassies favor beg,
I faith she couldna stir a peg
Ance lookin on ye!
Hes a douce wiselike callantJim:
Of wit aye ready.
Cuts aff anes sentence, 't ithers limb,
An whiles hes daft and whiles hes grim,
But brains?whas got the like ohim
Ins wee bit heidie?
Dear laddie wi the curlin hair,
Gentlest of ony:
That gies kind looks an speeches fair
To dour auld wives as lassies rare,
I ken a score o lads an mair,
But nane like Johnnie!
And gin ye learn the way to woo,
Hae sweethearts mony,
O laddie, never say ye loe
An gie fause coin for siller true;
A lassies sair hearts naething new,
Mind o that, Johnnie.
An dinna change your luve sae fast
For ilk face bonnie,
Lest waefu want track wilfu waste,
And a your youthfu years lang past,
Ye get the crookit stick at last,
Ochone, puir Johnnie!
But callants baith, tak tent, and when
Bright een hae won ye,
Tak each your joand keep herthen
Be faithfu as yere fond, ye ken,
Organg your gate like honest men,
Young Jim and Johnnie.
Sae when auld Time his crookit claw
Sall lay upon ye,
When, Jim, your feet that dance sae braw
Are no the lightest in the ha,
An a your curly haffets fa,
My winsome Johnnie,
May each his ain warm ingle view,
Cosie as ony:
A gudewife sonsie, leal and true,
O bonnie dochters not a few,
An ladssic lads as yere the noo
Dear Jim and Johnnie!

Dinah Maria Craik

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