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Poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Monody on a Tea-kettle

O Muse who sangest late anothers pain,
To griefs domestic turn thy coal-black steed!
With slowest steps thy funeral steed must go,
Nodding his head in all the pomp of woe:
Wide scatter round each dark and deadly weed,
And let the melancholy dirge complain,
(Whilst Bats shall shriek and Dogs shall howling run)
The tea-kettle is spoilt and Coleridge is undone!

Your cheerful songs, ye unseen crickets, cease!
Let songs of grief your alterd minds engage!
For he who sang responsive to your lay,
What time the joyous bubbles gan to play,
The sooty swain has felt the fires fierce rage; 
Yes, he is gone, and all my woes increase;
I heard the water issuing from the wound 
No more the Tea shall pour its fragrant steams around!

O Goddess best belovd! Delightful Tea!
With thee compard what yields the maddning Vine?
Sweet power! who knowst to spread the calm delight,
And the pure joy prolong to midmost night!
Ah! must I all thy varied sweets resign?
Enfolded close in grief thy form I see;
No more wilt thou extend thy willing arms,
Receive the fervent Jove, and yield him all thy charms!

How sink the mighty low by Fate opprest! 
Perhaps, O Kettle! thou by scornful toe
Rude urgd t ignoble place with plaintive din,
Mayst rust obscure midst heaps of vulgar tin; 
As if no joy had ever seizd my breast
When from thy spout the streams did arching fly, 
As if, infusd, thou neer hadst known t inspire
All the warm raptures of poetic fire!

But hark! or do I fancy the glad voice 
"What tho the swain did wondrous charms disclose 
(Not such did Memnons sister sable drest)
Take these bright arms with royal face imprest,
A better Kettle shall thy soul rejoice,
And with Oblivions wings oerspread thy woes!"
Thus Fairy Hope can soothe distress and toil;
On empty Trivets she bids fancied Kettles boil!

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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