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Poem by Arthur Hugh Clough


SO I went wrong,
Grievously wrong, but folly crushed itself,
And vanity oertoppling fell, and time
And healthy discipline and some neglect,
Labour and solitary hours revived
Somewhat, at least, of that original frame.
Oh, well do I remember then the days
When on some grassy slope (what time the sun
Was sinking, and the solemn eve came down
With its blue vapour upon field and wood
And elm-embosomed spire) once more again
I fed on sweet emotion, and my heart
With love oerflowed, or hushed itself in fear
Unearthly, yea celestial. Once again
My heart was hot within me, and, me seemed,
I too had in my body breath to wind
The magic horn of song; I too possessed
Up-welling in my beings depths a fount
Of the true poet-nectar whence to fill
The golden urns of verse.


Arthur Hugh Clough

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