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Poem by Thomas Hardy

V.R. 18191901

                              A Reverie
      The mightiest moments pass uncalendared,
          And when the Absolute
      In backward Time pronounced the deedful word
          Whereby all life is stirred:
  Let one be born and throned whose mould shall constitute
  The norm of every royal-reckoned attribute,
          No mortal knew or heard.
      But in due days the purposed Life outshone 
          Serene, sagacious, free;
      Her waxing seasons bloomed with deeds well done,
          And the worlds heart was won... 
  Yet may the deed of hers most bright in eyes to be
  Lie hid from ours  as in the All-Ones thought lay she 
          Till ripening years have run.
    Sunday Night,
    27 January 1901

Thomas Hardy

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