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Poem by Samuel Daniel

Delia 6. Fair is my Love, and Cruel as She's Fair

    Fair is my love, and cruel as she's fair; 
Her brow shades frowns, although her eyes are sunny;
Her smiles are lightning, though her pride despair;
And her disdains are gall, her favors honey.
    A modest maid, deck'd with a blush of honor, 
Whose feet do tread green paths of youth and love,
The wonder of all eyes that look upon her,
Sacred on earth, design'd a saint above.
    Chastity and Beauty, which are deadly foes, 
Live reconciled friends within her brow;
And had she pity to conjoin with those,
Then who had heard the plaints I utter now?
    O had she not been fair and thus unkind, 
    My Muse had slept, and none had known my mind.

Samuel Daniel

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