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Poem by Stephen Duck

The Answer

WHEN I, in feeble Verse, essay'd
 NASSAU and ANNA's Praise,
 A Lyric Muse flew o'er my Head,
 And dropp'd a Branch of Bays:

I would have fix'd it on my Brow;
 But PHOEBUS said, Forbear;
 'Tis Vanity to touch the Bough,
 And Sacrilege, to wear. 

Give it the Bard, who boldly dares
 Attempt the Roman Lyre;
 Who wisely checks, but not impairs
 The tow'ring PINDAR's Fire. 

Thus, Sir, to you, in PHOEBUS' Name,
 The Laurel Wreath I send;
 And, since the God denies me Fame,
 Am glad it crowns my Friend. 

Stephen Duck

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