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Poem by Robert Burns

Shes Fair And Fause

SHES fair and fause that causes my smart,
  I loed her meikle and lang:
Shes broken her vow, shes broken my heart,
  And I may een gae bang.
A coof cam in wi rowth o gear,
And I hae tint my dearest dear;
But woman is but warlds gear,
  Sae let the bonnie lass gang.

Whaeer ye be that woman love,
  To this be never blind,
Nae ferlie tis tho fickle she prove,
  A woman hast by kind:
O Woman lovely, Woman fair!
An angel forms faen to thy share;
Twad been oer meikle to gien thee mair,
  I mean an Angel mind.

Robert Burns

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