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Poem by Robert Burns

The Highland Lassie

NAE gentle dames, tho neer sae fair,
Shall ever be my Muses care;
Their titles a are empty show;
Gie me my Highland lassie, O.

  Within the glen sae bushy, O,
  Aboon the plain sae rushy, O,
  I set me down wi right good will
  To sing my Highland lassie, O.

Oh, were yon hills and valleys mine,
Yon palace and yon gardens fine!
The world then the love should know
I bear my Highland lassie, O.

But fickle fortune frowns on me,
And I maun cross the raging sea;
But while my crimson currents flow
Ill love my Highland lassie, O.

Altho thro foreign climes I range,
I know her heart will never change,
For her bosom burns with honours glow,
My faithful Highland lassie, O.

For her Ill dare the billows roar,
For her Ill trace a distant shore,
That Indian wealth may lustre throw
Around my Highland lassie, O.

She has my heart, she has my hand,
By sacred truth and honours band!
Till the mortal stroke shall lay me low,
Im thine, my Highland lassie, O.

  Fareweel the glen sae bushy, O!
  Fareweel the plain sae rushy, O!
  To other lands I now must go,
  To sing my Highland lassie, O!

Robert Burns

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