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Poem by Robert Burns

O Mallys Meek, Mallys Sweet

As I was walking up the street,
  A barefit maid I chanced to meet;
But O the road was very hard
  For that fair maidens tender feet.

It were mair meet that those fine feet
  Were weel laced up in silken shoon,
And twere more fit that she should sit
  Within yon chariot gilt aboon.

Her yellow hair, beyond compare,
  Comes trinkling down her swan-like neck,
And her two eyes, like stars in skies,
  Would keep a sinking ship frae wreck.

O Mallys meek, Mallys sweet,
  Mallys modest and discreet,
Mallys rare, Mallys fair,
  Mallys every way complete.

                      Robert Burns

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