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Poem by Robert Burns

Bonnie Lesley

O saw ye bonnie Lesley
  As she gaed oer the border?
Shes gane, like Alexander,
  To spread her conquests farther.

To see her is to love her,
  And love but her for ever;
For Nature made her what she is,
  And never made anither!

Thou art a queen, fair Lesley,
  Thy subjects we, before thee:
Thou art divine, fair Lesley,
  The hearts o men adore thee.

The Deil he could na scaith thee,
  Or aught that wad belang thee;
Hed look into thy bonnie face,
  And say, I canna wrang thee.

The Powers aboon will tent thee;
  Misfortune shana steer thee;
Thourt like themselves sae lovely,
  That ill theyll neer let near thee.

Return again, fair Lesley,
  Return to Caledonie!
That we may brag we hae a lass
  Theres nane again sae bonnie.


Robert Burns

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