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Poem by Robert Burns

Young Peggy

YOUNG Peggy blooms our bonniest lass,
  Her blush is like the morning,
The rosy dawn the springing grass
  With early gems adorning.
Her eyes outshine the radiant beams
  That gild the passing shower,
And glitter oer the crystal streams,
  And cheer each freshning flower.

Her lips more than the cherries bright,
  A richer dye has graced them;
They charm th admiring gazers sight,
  And sweetly tempt to taste them.
Her smile is as the evning mild,
  When featherd pairs are courting,
And little lambkins wanton wild,
  In playful bands disporting.

Were Fortune lovely Peggys foe,
  Such sweetness would relent her,
As blooming Spring unbends the brow
  Of surly, savage Winter.
Detractions eye no aim can gain
  Her winning powers to lessen;
And fretful envy grins in vain,
  The poisond tooth to fasten.

Ye Powrs of Honour, Love, and Truth,
  From evry ill defend her;
Inspire the highly favourd youth
  The destinies intend her;
Still fan the sweet connubial flame
  Responsive in each bosom;
And bless the dear parental name
  With many a filial blossom.

Robert Burns

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