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Poem by Robert Burns

The Deuks Dang Oer My Daddies

THE bairns gat out wi an unco shout,
  The deuks dang oer my daddie O!
The fient ma care, quo the feirie auld wife,
  He was but a paidlin body O!
He paidles out, and he paidles in,
  An he paidles late and early O;
This seven lang years I hae lien by his side,
  An he is but a fusionless carlie O.

O haud your tongue, my feirie auld wife,
  O haud your tongue now, Nansie, O:
Ive seen the day, and sae hae ye,
  Ye wadna been sae donsie, O;
Ive seen the day ye butterd my brose,
  And cuddld me late and earlie, O;
But downa dos come oer me now,
  And, oh, I find it sairly, O!

Robert Burns

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