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Poem by Robert Burns

Hey For a Lass Wi a Tocher

AWA wi your witchcraft o beautys alarms,
The slender bit beauty you grasp in your arms:
O, gie me the lass that has acres o charm;
O, gie me the lass wi the weel-stockit farms.

  Then hey, for a lass wi a tocher, then hey, for a lass wi a tocher,
  Then hey, for a lass wi a tocher-the nice yellow guineas for me!

Your beautys a flower in the morning that blows,
And withers the faster, the faster it grows;
But the rapturous charm o the bonnie green knowes!
Ilk spring theyre new deckit wi bonnie white yowes.

And een when this beauty your bosom has blest,
The brightest o beauty may cloy, when possest;
But the sweet yellow darlings wi Geordie imprest-
The langer ye hae them, the mair theyre carest.

Robert Burns

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