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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 72. Epitaph of Johne and Patrik Shaues

If ethnik ald by superstitious stylis,
Quhilk poyson zit of Paganisme appeirs,
Wer stellified to rule the rolling spheirs,
As pagnisme poets and profane compylis;

Quhais senceles sences Satan so oursylis,
By oracles illuding all thair eirs,
In double speches ansuers sik as speirs;
Quhilk godles gods the graceles Grekes begylis:

Then more praisuorthie Pelicans of Shawis,
Quhais saikles bluid wes for zour souerane shed,
Lo, blessit brether, both in honours bed.
His sacred self zour trumpet bravely blauis.

By Castor and by Pollux, zou may boste,
Deid Shawis, ze live, suppose zour lyfis be loste.

Alexander Montgomerie

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