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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 71. Epitaph of the Maister of Work, [Sir Robert] Drummond of Carnok, [Khight]

Stay, Passinger, thy mynd, thy futt, thy ee :
Vouchsaif, a we, his epitaph to vieu,
Quha left bot feu behind him, sik as he;
Syn leirnd to de, to live agane aneu.

All knoues this treu, vho noble CARNOK kneu.
This Realme may reu that he is gone to grave.
All Buildings brave bids DRUMMOND nou adeu;
Quhais lyf furthsheu he lude thame by the laiv.

Quhair sall we craiv sik policie to haiv ?
Quha with him straiv to polish, build, or plante ?
These giftis, I grant, God lent him by the laiv;
Quha mot resaiv his saull to be a sante !

To regne with him in evirlasting glore,
Lyk as his corps his cuntrey did decore.

Alexander Montgomerie

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