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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 45. John Jhonsone - Jane Maxwell

Sueit soull, perceive hou secreit I conceill,
Rad to reveill that peirtly I propone.
Look ony one before me loved so leill ;
Examene weill ; oh ! oh ! we seet in none.

Good love is gone, except my love alone,
Thoght gromes can grone as they wald give the ghost ;
Half mangd almost, als stupefact as stone,
Lyk treuth in throne, they look as they wer lost.

They turne, they tost, they rave, they rage, they rost.
As catives crost, vhill they jour favour find.
To bid jou bind thair purpose, runs the post ;
Bot bund they bost how .   .   .

Jit trying tyme, the touchstone of my treuth,
As resone wold, requests jou to haif reuth.

Alexander Montgomerie

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