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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 40. To his Maistres. II

Thyne ee the glasse vhare I beheld my [hairt ;]
Myn ee the windo throu the vhilk thyn ee
May see my hairt, and thair thy self espy
In bloody colours hou thou painted art.

Thyne ee the pyle is of a murth[erers dairt ;]
Myne ee the sicht thou taks thy levell by,
To shute my hairt, and nevir shute aury :
Myn ee thus helpis thyn ee to work my smarte.

Thyn ee consumes me lyk a flamming fyre ;
Myn ee most lyk a flood of teirs do run.
Oh ! that the water, in myne ee begun,
Micht quench the burning fornace of desyre !

Or then the fyr els kindlit by thyn ey,
The flouing teirs of sorrou micht mak dry !

Alexander Montgomerie

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