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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 20. To the Lords of the Session. III

How long will je the poets patience prove ?
Shaip je to shift him lyk a pair of cartis ?
Look vp, my Lords ; thair is a Lord above,
Quha seis the smallest secreit of jour hairts.

He vnderstands jour offices and jour airts ;
He knauis vhat is committit to jour cure ;
He recompencis, as je play your pairts,
Once, soon or syne, jour Lordships must be sure ;

For he respects no princes more then pure.
Quhat evir je do then, hald the ballance evin ;
Sa to do justice, I jou all conjure,
As je will merit ather hell or hevin.

Deserv not de (before jour Lordships) fames ;
For I may able enternize jour names.

Alexander Montgomerie

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