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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 19. To the Lords of the Session. II

Alace ! my Lords, hou long will je delay
To put the poets pensione out of plie?
Jon shifting sophists hes no thing to say ;
Their feckles flyting is not worth a flie.

Mak Bishop Betone vhat they lyk to be :
He must perforce be ather quik or deid.
If he be deid, the mater maks for me ;
If he be quik, then they can cum no speid.

By consequence, it can not bot succeid,
For laik of forces they must tyn the feild ;
And for the Bishope, I defy his feid ;
Jok vhen we will, I hope to gar him jeild.

So, good my Lords, I crave no more of jou,
Bot shift me not vhill je haif slane my sou.

Alexander Montgomerie

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