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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 9. In Praise of M. J. M., Chanceller

Of Mars, Minerva, Mercure, and the Musis,
The curage, cunning, eloquence, and vain
Maks maikles Maitland mirrour to remane,
As instrument vhilk these for honour vsis,

Quhais fourfald force with furie him infusis
In battells, counsels, orisones, and brain.
It neids no proofe ; experience is plane ;
A cunning king a cunning chanceller chuisis.

Quhat happines the hevins on him bestoues
Hes trimlie at this trublous tyme bene tryde.
Thoght worthynes of wreches be invyde,
Jit wonted verteu ay the grener grouis.

Then, lyk his name, the gods for armis him giv[es]
Suord, pen, and wings, in croun of laurel lei[ves.]

Alexander Montgomerie

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