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Poem by Robert Burns

Epistle To Mr. M'Adam, Of Craigen-Gillan

In answer to an obliging Letter he sent 
in the commencement of my poetic career.

Sir, o'er a gill I gat your card,
     I trow it made me proud;
"See wha taks notice o' the bard!"
     I lap and cried fu' loud.

Now deil-ma-care about their jaw,
     The senseless, gawky million;
I'll cock my nose abune them a',
     I'm roos'd by Craigen-Gillan!

'Twas noble, sir; 'twas like yourself',
     To grant your high protection: 
A great man's smile ye ken fu' well
     Is aye a blest infection. 

Tho', by his banes wha in a tub
     Match'd Macedonian Sandy! 
On my ain legs thro' dirt and dub,
     I independent stand aye, 

And when those legs to gude, warm kail,
     Wi' welcome canna bear me,
A lee dyke-side, a sybow-tail,
     An' barley-scone shall cheer me. 

Heaven spare you lang to kiss the breath
     O' mony flow'ry simmers!
An' bless your bonie lasses baith,
     I'm tauld they're loosome kimmers!

An' God bless young Dunaskin's laird,
     The blossom of our gentry!
An' may he wear and auld man's beard,
     A credit to his country.

Robert Burns

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