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Poem by Thomas Traherne

The Rapture

Sweet Infancy!
O Hevenly Fire! O sacred Light!
How fair and bright!
How Great am I
Whom the whol World doth magnify!

O hevenly Joy!
O Great and Sacred Blessedness
Which I possess!
So great a Joy
Who did into my Arms convey?

From God abov
Being sent, the Gift doth me enflame
To prais his Name;
The Stars do mov,
The Sun doth shine, to shew his Lov.

O how Divine
Am I! To all this Sacred Wealth,
This Life and Health,
Who rais'd? Who mine
Did make the same! What hand divine!

* * * * *

Sweet Infancy!
O fire of heaven! O sacred Light
How fair and bright,
How great am I,
Whom all the world doth magnify!

O Heavenly Joy!
O great and sacred blessedness
Which I possess!
So great a joy
Who did into my arms convey?

From God above
Being sent, the Heavens me enflame:
To praise his Name
The stars do move!
The burning sun doth shew His love.

O how divine
Am I! To all this sacred wealth,
This life and health,
Who raised? Who mine
Did make the same? What hand divine?

Thomas Traherne

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