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Poem by Thomas Traherne

The Return

To Infancy, O Lord, again I com,
That I my Manhood may improv:
My early Tutor is the Womb;
I still my Cradle lov.
'Tis strange that I should Wisest be,
When least I could an Error see.

Till I gain strength against Temptation, I
Perceiv it safest to abide
An Infant still; and therfore fly
(A lowly State may hide
A man from Danger) to the Womb,
That I may yet New-born becom.

My God, thy Bounty then did ravish me!
Before I learned to be poor,
I always did thy Riches see,
And thankfully adore:
Thy Glory and thy Goodness were
My sweet Companions all the Year.

Thomas Traherne

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