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Poem by Charles Mackay

Lorenzo Pines in Dungeon Gloom

'Lorenzo pines in dungeon gloom,
'In chains my gallant lover lies,
'A tyrant has pronounced his doom,
'To-morrow he is free-or dies!
'O Love! if thou hast power below,
'Or favour where the angels dwell,
'Protect thy maiden votary now-
'Jesu Maria! shield me well!'

The maiden doffs her robe of white,
And clothes her in the priestly stole,
Binds back her locks of auburn bright,
And mutters prayers which save the souL .
The prison portals open wide,
The holy father seeks the cell,
Lorenzo sees his destined bride
Jesu Maria! shield her well!

Quickly the destined moments flee,
The maiden's heart has much to say;
Lover! she comes to die for thee
On with her cassock, and away!
Fly! for they come-thine hour draws nigh
Already tolls thy warning knell!
It is too late!-and both must die!
Jesu Maria! shield them well!

'Lorenzo, they have sealed our doom,
'Together then we'll yield our breath,
'Well be companions in the tomb,
'And love shall cheer the hour of death.'
Now hoarsely beats the muffled drum,
And slowly tolls the funeral bell;
Make way! the hapless victims come
Jesu Maria! shield them well! 

Charles Mackay

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