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Poem by Letitia Elizabeth Landon


I gaz'd admiringly upon his face;
The etherial fire, that kindles from the heart
Of inspiration, lighted up his brow.
There was a wild expression in his eye,
A brilliancy, a deep impassion'd glance,
Which look'd as it had gaz'd on glorious dreams,
And strange and beautiful imaginings,
Until it had reflected back their splendour,
As it communion held with the young storm,
Rolling its gather'd darkness o'er the sky;
And watch'd the golden palace, which the sun

Uprears at eve, of crimson clouds, and all
The earth's magnificence, until his soul
Grew raptured with the wonders it beheld,
And fill'd his eyes with an unearthly lightЧ
A radiance too intense, but that the veil
Of the dark lash, softened its glowing ray.
It was a glance, that dwells upon the thought,
And bids us look for some excelling being
Fraught with rare gifts of the immortal mind.

Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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