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Poem by William Cullen Bryant

To Cole, the Painter, departing for Europe


Thine eyes shall see the light of distant skies:
        Yet, COLE! thy heart shall bear to Europe's strand
        A living image of thy native land,
Such as on thine own glorious canvas lies;
Lone lakessavannas where the bison roves
        Rocks rich with summer garlandssolemn streams
        Skies, where the desert eagle wheels and screams
Spring bloom and autumn blaze of boundless groves.
Fair scenes shall greet thee where thou goestfair,
        But differenteverywhere the trace of men,
        Paths, homes, graves, ruins, from the lowest glen
To where life shrinks from the fierce Alpine air,
        Gaze on them, till the tears shall dim thy sight,
        But keep that earlier, wilder image bright.

William Cullen Bryant

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