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Poem by Leigh Gordon Giltner

To Bliss Carman

Great hearted brother to the wilderness,
  Comrade of Wind and Sea! Interpreter
Of nomad Nature! Ere the quick'ning stir
  Of Spring-sap thrills the wood from sullen stress
Of Winter's spell--away from throngèd press
  Of urban ways thy wild feet wander far
Tracking the steps of some white Northern star
  Whose rays are beacon to thy restlessness.
Weird mystic of the Northland's mystery,
  Thou 'front'st the Unseen Shadow, nor dost fear
To meet the Scarlet Hunter on the trail;
  Pagan as Pan; to all things sylvan dear,
Nature's own vagrant, buoyant, driftless, free--
  All winds and woods and waters cry thee hail!

Leigh Gordon Giltner

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