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Poem by Bessie Rayner Parkes

The Old Chateau

THROUGH these close-cut alleys
  Paced Gabrielle;
At her side, in royal pride,
  Henri bon et bel.
Ah! my love across the sea,
  Dost thou love me as well?

On such an autumn night,
  Long years ago,
Fell the shadows on the meadows
  Of the old château;
All along the gabled roof
  The moonlight lay like snow.

Trembling with a world
  Of hope and fears,
She would wait by this old gate	
  Watching through her tears,
While he rode from Paris streets,
  Unguarded by his peers.

He, as he came riding on,
  Knew full well
Where she stood outside this wood;
  Many a song doth tell
How she loved this knightly king,
  La charmante Gabrielle!

Clash and clang of swords
  Soon dies away;
Shrined apart in a peoples heart
  Love lives alway;
France will not forget this name,
  Gabrielle dEstrées!

Bessie Rayner Parkes

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