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Poem by Anna Seward

Sonnet 66. Nobly to scorn thy gilded veil to wear

Nobly to scorn thy gilded veil to wear,
    Soft Simulation!wisely to abstain
    From fostering Envy's asps;to dash the bane
    Far from our hearts, which Hate, with frown severe,
Extends for those who wrong us;to revere
    With soul, or grateful, or resign'd, the train
    Of mercies, and of trials, is to gain
    A quiet Conscience, best of blessings here!
Calm Conscience is a land-encircled bay,
    On whose smooth surface Tempests never blow;
    Which shall the reflex of our life display
Unstain'd by crime, tho' gloom'd with transient woe;
    While the bright hopes of Heaven's eternal day
    Upon the fair and silent waters glow.

Anna Seward

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