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Poem by Anna Seward

Sonnet 86. Pride of Ierne's Sea-encircled bound


Pride of Ierne's Sea-encircled bound,
    Rival of all Britannia's Naiads boast,
    Magnificent Killarney!from thy coast
    Tho' mountains rise with noblest woods embrown'd;
Tho' ten-voiced Echos send the cannon's sound
    In thunders bursting the vast rocks around,
    Till startled Wonder and Delight exhaust
    In countless repercussionIsles embost
Upon thy liquid glass; their bloomy veil
    Sorbus and ārbutus;yet not for thee
    So keenly wakes our local ecstacy,
As o'er the narrow, barren, silent Dale,
    Where deeply sleeps, rude circling Rocks among,
    The Love-devoted Fount enamour'd Petrarch sung.

1: This Sonnet was written on having read a description of the Killarney Scenery immediately after that of the Vale of Vaucluse, uncultivated and comparatively desert as the latter has been through more than the present Century.

Anna Seward

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