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Poem by Anna Seward

Sonnet 19. Farewell, false Friend!our scenes of kindness close!

       TO .

Farewell, false Friend!our scenes of kindness close!
    To cordial looks, to sunny smiles farewell!
    To sweet consolings, that can grief expel,
    And every joy soft sympathy bestows!
For alter'd looks, where truth no longer glows,
    Thou hast prepar'd my heart;and it was well
    To bid thy pen th' unlook'd for story tell,
    Falsehood avow'd, that shame, nor sorrow knows.
O! when we meet,(to meet we're destin'd, try
    To avoid it as thou may'st) on either brow,
    Nor in the stealing consciousness of eye,
Be seen the slightest trace of what, or how
    We once were to each other;nor one sigh
    Flatter with weak regret a broken vow!

Anna Seward

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