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Poem by Anna Seward

Sonnet 82. From a riv'd Tree, that stands beside the grave

From a riv'd Tree, that stands beside the grave
    Of the Self-slaughter'd, to the misty Moon
    Calls the complaining Owl in Night's pale noon;
    And from a hut, far on the hill, to rave
Is heard the angry Ban-Dog. With loud wave
    The rous'd and turbid River surges down,
    Swoln with the mountain-rains, and dimly shown
    Appals the Sense.Yet see! from yonder cave,
Her shelter in the recent, stormy showers,
    With anxious brow, a fond expecting Maid
    Steals towards the flood!Alas!for now appears
Her Lover's vacant boat!the broken oars
    Roll down the tide!What images invade!
    Aghast she stands, the Statue of her fears!

Anna Seward

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