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Poem by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

Taliesins Prophecy

A prophecy of Taliesin relating to the ancient Britons is still extant and has been strikingly verified. It is to the following effect:

Their God they shall worship,
	Their language they shall retain,
	Their land they shall lose,
	Except wild Wales.

A VOICE from time departed yet floats thy hills among,
O Cambria! thus thy prophet bard, thy Taliesin, sung:
The path of unborn ages is traced upon my soul,
The clouds which mantle things unseen away before me roll,
A light the depths revealing hath oer my spirit passed,
A rushing sound from days to be swells fitful in the blast,
And tells me that forever shall live the lofty tongue
To which the harp of Monas woods by freedoms hand was strung.

Green island of the mighty! I see thine ancient race
Driven from their fathers realm to make the rocks their dwelling-place!
I see from Uthyrs kingdom the sceptre pass away,
And many a line of bards and chiefs and princely men decay.
But long as Arvons mountains shall lift their sovereign forms,
And wear the crown to which is given dominion oer the storms,
So long, their empire sharing, shall live the lofty tongue
To which the harp of Monas woods by freedoms hand was strung!

Felicia Dorothea Hemans

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