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Poem by Jonathan Swift

Verses on Blenheim

A lion tearing a cock to pieces was placed in front of Blenheim House; a wretched pun in architecture, deservedly criticised in the Spectator.  Scott.

SEE, here s the grand approach,
That way is for his graces coach;
There lies the bridge, and there the clock,
Observe the lion and the cock;
The spacious court, the colonnade,
And mind how wide the hall is made;
The chimneys are so well designed,
They never smoke in any wind:
The galleries contrived for walking,
The windows to retire and talk in;
The council-chamber to debate,
And all the rest are rooms of state.
Thanks, sir, cried I, t is very fine,
But where d ye sleep, or where d ye dine?
I find, by all you have been telling,
That t is a house, but not a dwelling.

Jonathan Swift

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