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Poem by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne

Cradle Song

Baloo loo, lammie, now baloo my dear;
Now, baloo loo, lammy, ain minnie is here:
What ails my sweet bairnie? What ails it this nicht?
What ails my wee lammie? is bairnie no richt?

Baloo loo, lammie, now baloo, my dear,
Does wee lammie ken that its daddie's no here?
Ye're rockin' fu' sweetly on mammie's warm knee,
But daddie's a-rockin' upon the saut sea.

Now hush-a-ba, lammie, now hush-a my dear;
Now hush-a-ba, lammie; ain minnie is here:
The wild wind is ravin', and mammie's heart's sair,
The wild wind is ravin', and ye dinna care.

Sing, baloo loo, lammie, sing baloo, my dear;
Sing, baloo loo, lammie, ain minnie is here:
My wee bairnie's dozin', it's dozin' now fine,
And oh! may it's wauk'nin' be blyther than mine.

Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne

Poem Theme: Lullabies

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