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Poem by William Lisle Bowles

At Malvern

I SHALL behold far off thy towering crest,
Proud mountain! from thy heights as slow I stray
Down through the distant vale my homeward way,
I shall behold upon thy rugged breast
The parting sun sit smiling: me the while
Escaped the crowd, thoughts full of heaviness
May visit, as lifeТs bitter losses press
Hard on my bosom; but I shall beguile
The thing I am, and think that even as thou
Dost lift in the pale beam thy forehead high,
Proud mountain! whilst the scattered vapors fly
Unheeded round thy breast, so, with calm brow,	
The shades of sorrow I may meet, and wear
The smile unchanged of peace, though pressed by care!

William Lisle Bowles

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