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Poem by Caroline Norton

Escape from the Snares of Love

YOUNG LOVE has chains of metal rare,
Heavy as goldyet light as air:
It chanced he caught a heart one day
Which struggled hard, as loth to stay.

Prudence, poor thing, was lingering near
She whispered in the captive's ear,
"Cease, little flutterer; bear thy chain,
And soon thou shalt be free again!"

No; I assert my right to fly
The chain shall break, and Love shall die
What! I remain a willing slave?
Nofreedom, freedom, or the grave!

Meanwhile Love slumbered by his prize
His languid limbs and closing eyes
Prudence beheldshe spoke again,
"Oh! yet a moment bear thy chain!"

Unheeded prayer! the struggling heart
Strove still the slender links to part,
While timid Prudence gazed and sighed,
Weary of strife, and loth to chide.

One moment more the links had broke,
But slumbering Love, alarmed, awoke;
With iron rivets bound the chain,
And turned secure to sleep again.

Let hearts which now in bondage weep,
Repose, till wearied Love shall sleep:
Oh! struggle not, lest he should wake ;
Slip off the chainit will not break.

Caroline Norton

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