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Poem by George Darley

To Helene

I sent a ringa little band  
 Of emerald and ruby stone,  
And bade it, sparkling on thy hand,  
 Tell thee sweet tales of one  
   Whose constant memory          
   Was full of loveliness, and thee.  
A shell was graven on its gold,  
 'Twas Cupid fix'd without his wings  
To Helene once it would have told  
 More than was ever told by rings:  
   But now all 's past and gone,  
   Her love is buried with that stone.  
Thou shalt not see the tears that start  
 From eyes by thoughts like these beguiled;  
Thou shalt not know the beating heart,  
 Ever a victim and a child:  
   Yet Helene, love, believe  
   The heart that never could deceive.  
I'll hear thy voice of melody  
 In the sweet whispers of the air;  
I'll see the brightness of thine eye  
 In the blue evening's dewy star;  
   In crystal streams thy purity;  
   And look on Heaven to look on thee.

George Darley

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