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Poem by Walter Scott

Lines Addressed to Ranald Macdonald, Esq., of Staffa

STAFFA, sprung from high Macdonald,
Worthy branch of old Clan-Ranald!
Staffa! king of all kind fellows!
Well befall thy hills and valleys,
Lakes and inlets, deeps and shallows,
Cliffs of darkness, caves of wonder,
Echoing the Atlantic thunder;
Mountains which the gray mist covers,
Where the chieftain spirit hovers,
Pausing while his pinions quiver,
Stretched to quit our land forever!
Each kind influence reign above thee!
Warmer heart, twixt this and Staffa
Beats not, than in heart of Staffa!

Walter Scott

Poem Themes: Islands of Scotland, Staffa (Island of Scotland)

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