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Poem by Frances Anne (Fanny) Kemble


Night in her dark array
   Steals oer the ocean,
And with departed day
   Hushed seems its motion.
Slowly oer yon blue coast
   Onward shes treading,
Till its dark line is lost,
   Neath her veil spreading.
The bark on the rippling deep
   Hath found a pillow,
And the pale moonbeams sleep
   On the green billow.
Bound by her emerald zone
   Venice is lying,
And round her marble crown
   Night winds are sighing.
From the high lattice now
   Bright eyes are gleaming,
That seem on nights dark brow
   Brighter stars beaming.
Now oer the bright lagune
   Light barks are dancing,
And neath the silver moon
   Swift oars are glancing.
Strains from the mandolin
   Steal oer the water,
Echo replies between
   To mirth and laughter.
Oer the wave seen afar
   Brilliantly shining,
Gleams like a fallen star
   Venice reclining.

Frances Anne (Fanny) Kemble

Poem Theme: Italy

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