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Poem by George Pope Morris

Rhyme and Reason

     An Apologue.

Two children of the olden time
  In Flora's primrose season,
Were born. The name of one was Rhyme
  That of the other Reason.
And both were beautiful and fair,
And pure as mountain stream and air.

As the boys together grew,
  Happy fled their hours
Grief or care they never knew
  In the Paphian bowers.
See them roaming, hand in hand,
The pride of all the choral band!

Music with harp of golden strings,
  Love with bow and quiver,
Airy sprites on radiant wings,
  Nymphs of wood and river,
Joined the Muses' constant song,
As Rhyme and Reason passed along.

But the scene was changedthe boys
  Left their native soil
Rhyme's pursuit was idle joys,
  Reason's manly toil:
Soon Rhyme was starving in a ditch,
While Reason grew exceeding rich.

Since the dark and fatal hour,
  When the brothers parted,
Reason has had wealth and power
  Rhyme's poor and broken-hearted!
And now, or bright, or stormy weather,
They twain are seldom seen together.

George Pope Morris

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